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  • Planning For September 2019

    Planning For September 2019


    Kindergarten, Students Who Are New To The District, And Students From Another District School

    For the latest, up-to-date information on registering for the 2019-2020 school year, please follow the link below to access the EPSB site:  http://epsb.ca/schools/register/

    NCS Enrolment Boundary Status for 2019-2020

    Registration for the 2019-20 School Year

    Nellie Carlson School is a closed boundary school. Registration is limited to students residing in the designated attendance area south of 23 Avenue to Anthony Henday Drive, and east from Towne Centre Boulevard to the Whitemud Creek, except in the case where the student has a sibling already attending Nellie Carlson School and as long as both siblings will be enrolled in the school at the same time.  Follow this link to view Nellie Carlson School’s attendance area map: http://www.epsb.ca/schools/nelliecarlson/

    If you have any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to contact the NCS Main Office or EPSB.

    Classroom Supply Lists

    Last minute school supply shopping? For those that didn't get a chance to order through Back to School Solutions back in the spring, you have until August 12 to place an order for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Simply visit: https://www.backtoschoolsolutions.ca/ordering.php
    Your online order code is: 148NCSM
    Order online by: August 12, 2019

    Please note that there is no supply list for Kindergarten, as all supplies are covered by your school fees.  Follow the link below to view the supply lists for Grades 1-9:

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  • Volunteering


    Nellie Carlson School values the contributions of our parent group and parent volunteers.  Volunteers play a very important role in our school community.  Together we work to promote the well-being and effectiveness of our students and programs.  We welcome volunteers and look for opportunities to engage them in our learning environment.

    Activities could include:

    • Traffic - assisting with drop off and pick up safety
    • Classroom - helping students, assisting the classroom teacher
    • Clerical - laminating, typing, photocopying, collating, preparing lesson materials, assembling displays
    • Learning Commons - helping at book fairs and re-shelving/organizing books and resources
    • Student activities - assisting, supervising field trips and extracurricular events

    If you can spare even a half hour a week, or a day once a month – let us know what your interests are. We value any contribution you are able to make.

    If you are interested in volunteering, please fill in our Volunteer Form: https://goo.gl/forms/ijhXJMW7AOitkqOK2

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  • Supporting Student Success

    Supporting Student Success


    Focus on Learning

    • Something is not taught unless the student has learned it

    Focus on Collaboration

    • We are not an isolated collection of teachers under one roof, rather we are a team that works interdependently to achieve common goals

    Focus on Results

    • It is the results of our efforts that we are concerned with. If we are not getting the results in student achievement that we are expecting, then we change our actions to get different results.


    1. What do we want students to know?
    2. How do we know if students have learned what we want them to?
    3. What do we do when students do not learn what they are supposed to learn?
    4. What do we do when students already know what they are supposed to learn?

    CLICK HERE to learn more about Targeted Intervention & Support 

    Targeted Intervention & Support

    Nellie Carlson School is committed to high level of achievement.  Throughout the week, teachers and students partake in W.I.N. (Whatever I Need) time to address academic areas needing additional time and support for success or extension.  This intervention is developed by teachers "by the student, by the skill" and is delivered in a variety of ways to meet the needs of each learner.  Student progress is monitored frequently to ensure the timely delivery of support through W.I.N. time.


    Technology Integration

    The teaching and learning environment at Nellie Carlson School sees the integration of software and hardware to help all students learn.  To ensure consistency and equity across all grades, subjects, and different online devices, we are fully utilizing the Google platform so that students and teachers can access information and collaborate in real-time.  We also utilize educational software like Read and Write Gold, Mathletics, and a host of online digital apps and sites.  Throughout our building, you will find students using iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and other personal devices to customize learning and ensure they have the technology skills that have become a vital part of being a contributing and responsible citizen.



    SchoolZone provides online access to regular homework, assignments, and class news from the students' homeroom classroom teachers, gathered together in a convenient format.  Additionally, users will find attendance records, electronic versions of interim and progress reports, news of school and District events, timetables, and access to selected online educational resources.  By accessing the site, parents have timely access to information and are more able to be actively involved in their child's academic success.  With technology being an important part of our daily work and lives, all students and parents are issued a SchoolZone account.


    Counseling Assistance/School Social Worker

    Nellie Carlson School can refer your child to the appropriate counseling resource for students to seek out help with social, emotional, and personal concerns.  Students may also obtain high school and career counseling if needed.  We are also pleased to have access to a social worker through Inclusive Learning.



    Supporting Student Success


    Members of the Edmonton Public Schools community, including students, parents, staff and Trustees, have a shared responsibility to help students be successful in school. Safety and well-being is fundamental to our students thriving as learners, and experiencing success and fulfillment both at school and in their lives. This Student Rights and Responsibilities document has been created to communicate clear expectations for how our students are expected to behave in order to ensure they become the best students and citizens they can be.

    Click HERE to view our Student Rights and Responsibilities document in its entirety. 


    Click HERE to view our 2018-2019 Open House information booklet.

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Nellie Carlson School, a Kindergarten through Grade 9 learning community with a capacity of approximately 950 students, opened in September of 2016.  The name sake of Nellie Carlson School is a remarkable woman and activist who championed equal rights for First Nations, Metis and Inuit women and children with a focus on the importance of education.  In keeping with this focus, Nellie Carlson School staff are committed to ensuring that students receive high levels of instruction and opportunities for learning in three key areas; academics, physical fitness, and citizenship.

Nellie Carlson School is dedicated to high levels of achievement. The staff of Nellie Carlson School embrace the premise that the very purpose of our school is to help all students learn at high levels. There is no ambiguity or hedging regarding this commitment to learning. Staff are committed to going beyond ensuring that children are taught, to ensuring that all students learn essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes. This focus is evident in every aspect of our school culture, and staff continually examine evidence of student learning, and further, identify interventions necessary to ensure all students learn.

Physical fitness and athletics play an important role in the education of all children. Nellie Carlson School staff are committed to ensuring that students have every opportunity to develop their physical skills. This is evident not just in a commitment to sport, but in a commitment to learning physical activities and attitudes that will result in a life-long commitment to health and fitness.

Teaching Citizenship is more than just repeating character traits each month. Nellie Carlson School staff and students are dedicated to teaching and learning essential life skills and characteristics necessary to thrive in school and beyond. Some of these skills include leadership, accountability, adaptability, initiative and self-direction, cross-cultural skills, responsibility, problem-solving, communication, creativity and teamwork. Nellie Carlson School staff teach a generation of leaders one child at a time.

Teaching students to embrace excellence in academics, physical fitness and citizenship is more than an exercise in semantics; it is a commitment. Parents and community members can expect that learning will always be at the top of the Nellie Carlson School agenda as we challenge ourselves and all students to excel in every area of their education. Welcome to a journey of achievement and excellence.

Proud to be the Principal,

Henry Madsen