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  • 2017-2018 Registration

    2017-2018 Registration

    Our boundaries are open! NCS Welcomes Enrollment in ALL Grades!

    Click HERE to view our Open House information booklet.

    • Pre-enrollment, for Grades 1-9 students, begins March 13, 2017.
    • Registration for Kindergarten is available online beginning February 1, 2017.  If you have a preference for morning or afternoon class, please tell the office staff when you give them your registration package.  Student placement in Kindergarten classes will be confirmed after April 18, 2017.
    Please follow the link below for information on registering Kindergarten students for the 2017-2018 school year, and note that they must be 4 years of age on or before March 1, 2017

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Principal's Message

Welcome to Nellie Carlson School, a Kindergarten through Grade 9 learning community with a capacity of approximately 950 students, opened in September of 2016.  The name sake of Nellie Carlson School is a remarkable woman and activist who championed equal rights for First Nations, Metis and Inuit women and children with a focus on the importance of education.  In keeping with this focus, Nellie Carlson School staff are committed to ensuring that students receive high levels of instruction and opportunities for learning in three key areas; academics, physical fitness, and citizenship.

Nellie Carlson School is dedicated to high levels of achievement. The staff of Nellie Carlson School embrace the premise that the very purpose of our school is to help all students learn at high levels. There is no ambiguity or hedging regarding this commitment to learning. Staff are committed to going beyond ensuring that children are taught, to ensuring that all students learn essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes. This focus is evident in every aspect of our school culture, and staff continually examine evidence of student learning, and further, identify interventions necessary to ensure all students learn.

Physical fitness and athletics play an important role in the education of all children. Nellie Carlson School staff are committed to ensuring that students have every opportunity to develop their physical skills. This is evident not just in a commitment to sport, but in a commitment to learning physical activities and attitudes that will result in a life-long commitment to health and fitness.

Teaching Citizenship is more than just repeating character traits each month. Nellie Carlson School staff and students are dedicated to teaching and learning essential life skills and characteristics necessary to thrive in school and beyond. Some of these skills include leadership, accountability, adaptability, initiative and self-direction, cross-cultural skills, responsibility, problem-solving, communication, creativity and teamwork. Nellie Carlson School staff teach a generation of leaders one child at a time.

Teaching students to embrace excellence in academics, physical fitness and citizenship is more than an exercise in semantics; it is a commitment. Parents and community members can expect that learning will always be at the top of the Nellie Carlson School agenda as we challenge ourselves and all students to excel in every area of their education. Welcome to a journey of achievement and excellence.

Proud to be the Principal,

Henry Madsen




2016 - 17 Faculty 


Monica Donadt-Milne, Alison McGhee, Heather Mackiewich, Janet Chester, Davina Alyward, Anjali Mahay, Erin Kadis, Kyle Sandford, Roz Kmech, Courtney Antoniuk, Farha McMillan


Tracey Piot, David Hunt, Shelley Paley, Lisa Maciak, Rachel Radmanovich, Kristopher Skinner


Kym Francis, Katrina Field, Jaime Lees


Gillian Chen-Woo, Carmen Geissler


Shawn Tschritter, Kirk Tschritter


Educational Assistants:  Suzana Lipovaca, Laurenne Pharis, Evelyn Takuski, Virginia Hartley, Matt McLachlan, Kimberley Schlack, Nicole Fraser

Library Technician:  Virginia Hartley


Head Custodian: Carlo Jauculan

Custodians: Roy Salangsang, Rod Payad, Vilma Visaya


Principal: Henry Madsen

Assistant Principal: Tara Copeman

Administrative Assistant - Business Office: Karen Ferbey

Administrative Assistants - Main Office: Jane Baker