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Supporting Student Success


Focus on Learning

  • Something is not taught unless the student has learned it

Focus on Collaboration

  • We are not an isolated collection of teachers under one roof, rather we are a team that works interdependently to achieve common goals

Focus on Results

  • It is the results of our efforts that we are concerned with. If we are not getting the results in student achievement that we are expecting, then we change our actions to get different results.


  1. What do we want students to know?
  2. How do we know if students have learned what we want them to?
  3. What do we do when students do not learn what they are supposed to learn?
  4. What do we do when students already know what they are supposed to learn?

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Targeted Intervention & Support

Nellie Carlson School is committed to high level of achievement.  Throughout the week, teachers and students partake in W.I.N. (Whatever I Need) time to address academic areas needing additional time and support for success or extension.  This intervention is developed by teachers "by the student, by the skill" and is delivered in a variety of ways to meet the needs of each learner.  Student progress is monitored frequently to ensure the timely delivery of support through W.I.N. time.


Technology Integration

The teaching and learning environment at Nellie Carlson School sees the integration of software and hardware to help all students learn.  To ensure consistency and equity across all grades, subjects, and different online devices, we are fully utilizing the Google platform so that students and teachers can access information and collaborate in real-time.  We also utilize educational software like Read and Write Gold, Mathletics, and a host of online digital apps and sites.  Throughout our building, you will find students using iPads, Chromebooks, laptops, and other personal devices to customize learning and ensure they have the technology skills that have become a vital part of being a contributing and responsible citizen.



SchoolZone provides online access to regular homework, assignments, and class news from the students' homeroom classroom teachers, gathered together in a convenient format.  Additionally, users will find attendance records, electronic versions of interim and progress reports, news of school and District events, timetables, and access to selected online educational resources.  By accessing the site, parents have timely access to information and are more able to be actively involved in their child's academic success.  With technology being an important part of our daily work and lives, all students and parents are issued a SchoolZone account.


Counseling Assistance/School Social Worker

Nellie Carlson School can refer your child to the appropriate counseling resource for students to seek out help with social, emotional, and personal concerns.  Students may also obtain high school and career counseling if needed.  We are also pleased to have access to a social worker through Inclusive Learning.



Supporting Student Success


Members of the Edmonton Public Schools community, including students, parents, staff and Trustees, have a shared responsibility to help students be successful in school. Safety and well-being is fundamental to our students thriving as learners, and experiencing success and fulfillment both at school and in their lives. This Student Rights and Responsibilities document has been created to communicate clear expectations for how our students are expected to behave in order to ensure they become the best students and citizens they can be.