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Lunch & Nutrition

Lunch-time supervision fees for 2020-2021

The school District made some changes to lunch-time supervision services on September 1, 2016. These changes include:

  • Families will use standard forms to register for lunch.
  • Students who pay to take a yellow bus to their designated attendance area school or to a special needs program are exempt from lunch fees.
  • Schools will set lunch fees using a standard formula.

Lunch-time supervision is a service many families need. These changes should make the service easier for families, especially when it comes to understanding how schools set fees. The rules will also be consistent across all Edmonton Public Schools, so no matter which school your children attend, processes will be the same.

Most importantly, these changes still give us the flexibility to create a lunch-time supervision service that works best for the needs of our school and our families.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about lunch-time supervision. I will share the information upon request.


Henry Madsen